Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miss Music

Katherine had a school music program tonight.  The weather was gorgeous, so I dug out a spring dress for her.
Of course, when Rachel saw the dress she wanted to wear hers, too.
Kate has incredible art and music teachers.  I am amazed at what they are able to teach such young kids.  And how fun they make it all.  There was an "art gallery" set up during the program and Katherine had artwork on display.
Katherine is proud of her cardinals, but the mouse color wheel is my favorite.
The concert was just for kindergarten through 2nd grade and all of the songs were about animals.  They sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight and silly tunes called Matilda the Gorilla and Never Polka with a Porcupine.
Katherine knew every word and every action, even the parts her class didn't sing.
She played boom whackers on one song.
And had two speaking parts.  (She had also memorized and could recite all the other kids' parts!)
Katherine was SO excited about this program, as she is about every program.  It is very clear that music moves my girl's soul. 
It's always good to have a song in your heart.

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