Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 40 on Friday.  This really didn't bother me.  I have always been something of an old soul and when I look back at my younger days, I don't feel the grief of lost youth.  Mostly, I feel relief that those days are over!  I don't have many regrets about how I've lived my life.  And I am happier now than I ever was at 20 or 30.  So I was all for celebrating 40.

My birthday started with gifts and cards from Steve and the girls.  The cards from the girls were perfect!  Katherine's read:  Happy Birthday, Mom from "the good one." Sorry more of my good influence didn't rub off on "you know who".  [Kate knew exactly why this was funny and Rae, thankfully, was oblivious.]  Rachel's card had a picture of a queen on the front and said "Mom, you deserve the royal treatment on your birthday."  It had a punch-out crown inside that Rachel could not wait for me to wear!  Too funny!  They insisted on a picture, and all took a turn with the camera, but this awful shot was the only one to include all of my head.
My co-workers wanted to celebrate, too.  They are always happy to have an excuse to eat cake.  I didn't have students that day, so we gorged on tres leches cake and homemade seafoam candy.  They also made me this lovely sign.  I'm not sure why it's on the bathroom door...  Maybe because pretty much every other vertical surface is covered with kid art.
My mom had suggested we eat at a Japanese steakhouse for dinner and that sounded like great fun.  So we went.  The girls had never been to such a place and were wide-eyed about it all.  We told Rachel that there would be fire, but I don't think she realized exactly what that meant!
As always, our cook was wildly entertaining.  Here he is putting out an onion volcano fire by having his little boy squirt bottle pee on it.  Never underestimate the appeal of potty humor.
We laughed a lot that meal.
It was a lot of fun.
Katherine gave Steve chopstick lessons.
And the food was fabulous.
We all left stuffed and happy.
My mom, the girls, and I headed for Robie's house and the beginning of our annual Girls' Weekend.  More about that later...  I can honestly say that the first day of 40 was terrific!

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