Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girls' Weekend

After my birthday dinner, the girls, my sister, Mom, and I headed off for our Girls' Weekend.  We spent the night at Robie's house, which is always a highly anticipated event for the girls.  We sleep in beds, just like at home, but Robie's house is WAY more exciting!

We spent most of Saturday shopping.  Clothes for the girls, clothes for the adults, assorted odds and ends.  We had Vietnamese food for lunch, because all of us love it and "the boys" don't.  (Personally, I will never understand how you could not love noodle bowls.)

By late afternoon, the girls were fed up with shopping.  So we ventured off to a very nice (and free!) nature  center.  We toured the little natural history museum and then hiked off to feed the turtles in the pond.  Oh, and to pose for pictures.
We tried a top-your-own-frozen-yogurt place (which the girls adored), made one last shopping stop and had dinner.  Then it was time for the most exciting part of the trip:  checking into a motel WITH a pool!  My sister joked about the ridiculousness of staying in a hotel in the same town she lives in, but the girls LOVE hotels.  And they really love to swim.
Katherine, who was once afraid of the water, jumped right in and started practicing floating.  She worked the whole time we were in the pool.
Rachel, of course, was crazy.  I have lots of pictures from the pool, and in all of them Rae is just a blur.  She jumps and splashes and flings herself through the water.  She is also swimming on her own, face in the water, for as long as her breath will last.  She kept announcing "I'm a mermaid!"  I believe her!
We had two rooms in the hotel and Granny graciously volunteered to sleep with the girls.  So Robie and I happily lay in bed and talked until late.  We have always enjoyed doing that! 

After breakfast the next morning, we all headed home.  Girls' Weekend was over.  But it sure was fun!

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