Saturday, March 31, 2012


My sister's fiancee and his kids were in town today.  I knew the kids when they were little, but have not been around them in years.  It was fun to get to know them again.  I was reminded of what great kids they are. 

We went out for lunch at Brandon's favorite restaurant.  Then we went to Granny and Poppy's.  Eymber turns 14 this week, so we celebrated her birthday with carrot cake and presents.
My parents had taken Eymber to an art store earlier this week and let her stock up on pens and pencils and sketchbooks.  She spent the whole afternoon drawing.  She is an amazing artist and draws constantly - even on her straw wrapper at lunch!

Granny had plans for all the soon-to-be-cousins to get to know one another.  Granny has long been known as the Bubble Lady and she discovered a fun new way to play with bubbles.
Cut off a plastic bottle and secure a washcloth over the bottom with a rubber band.  Dip in bubble solution and blow.  Such fun!
The bubbles come out in long tubes.
Orion was the first to realize that these bubbles could be a great beard.
At 12, he is in that awkward place between child and teen.  Today, he was happy to just be a kid.  Rachel followed him around and charmed him into playing with her.  She kept running over to me and announcing "I like Orion!"
Anthem used his bubbles to make sculptures.
Granny and Robie got in on the bubble fun, too.
The kids played together all afternoon.  Rachel kept Orion occupied.  Katherine and Anthem ran around, flitting in occasionally to ask unusual questions like "Why is 11 called 11?"
It was a fun day.  And I'm looking forward to more cousin time in the future.

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