Thursday, February 23, 2012

School Carnival

Rachel and I went to a carnival at her school this evening.  It was her first time at such an event and she was pretty overwhelmed!  Her school houses only preschoolers - 6 classrooms with two sessions each.  A LOT of those kids and their families were there tonight, so it was very crowded.  But we had fun.  There were lots of games to play, all with prizes.
Rae tossed pennies into pans,
and threw balls and beanbags.
She picked a duck from the "pond"
and posed (looking bored and unaturally serious) on the "roller coaster".
Getting a cool tattoo was exciting!
And so was face painting.
She was the only kid all evening to ask for a kitty!
Rachel got assorted little prizes and a new book, but her favorite part of the evening was cashing in her ticket for a bag of popcorn and a can of pop.
Pop is normally a forbidden substance for Rae, so she made sure to enjoy every sweet, bubbly sip!
Games + prizes + special snacks + a chance to see some friends = a great carnival!

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