Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old Fashioned Fun

Our church held an Old Fashioned Fun Night this evening, with events from "the good old days".  Katherine has been excited since she first heard of it, weeks ago.

There was a cake walk, with live music.
Kate and I each won a cake and so did Granny, who can't eat cake.  So, we brought THREE cakes home!
There was a poetry recitation time.  Most of us have never memorized poems (and wouldn't be brave enough to recite them if we had), but a few people shared funny little poems.  Katherine recited some verses from her upcoming school program - a silly rhyme about a porcupine.

And then there was the event Katherine has been waiting for...  The Spelling Bee!  Kate had read about spelling bees, and longed to enter one, but had never been a part of an old fashioned bee.  She was SO excited!  Pastor John, who is a lousy speller, volunteered to join the kids' bee to show them how it's done.  Or not.
When it was her turn, Katherine stood up and spelled her words clearly.  She was great!
There were words I was sure she couldn't spell, but she did.
And she had a lot of fun doing it.
She and another 2nd grader (who had beat out his older brother) went back and forth for a dozen words or more.
In the end, "would" stumped her.  But she was so proud that she had tried.
Movies and video games and computers are nice and all, but we'll choose good, old fashioned games any day!

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