Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Snow Day!

After a winter of not-at-all wintery weather, we were delighted to wake up to 5 inches of snow and an official Snow Day!  As soon as we let them, the girls bundled up and headed out to play in it.
This was Maggie's first snow and I am happy to report that she is  a Snow Dog and LOVES it!
For Christmas, one of my students gave me a Snowman Kit, with everything you need to build a snowman.
We've been waiting ever since for the Just Add Snow part.  And today was the perfect Snowman Day.
Rachel had never made a snowman before and she was SO pleased about this one.
He IS pretty cute!
We tried sledding, but it was tough going in the wet snow.
Especially with Maggie's "help".
But the snow sure made a couple of kiddos happy!
I made everyone come in after an hour, but I'm sure we'll be out again later.  Because we have SNOW!

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