Thursday, January 19, 2012


We have had a week of sunny, but unpleasantly cold weather.  We've been stuck inside and we are all ready to be OUT.  So today, despite windchills in the 20's, we went to the park to scoot/bike/walk.  It was just what we needed.
Katherine loves her scooter.
She loves finding a long stretch of path and just...flying.
Rachel chose to ride her "new" bike (which was handed down to Kate by a cousin).
Rae is terrific at peddling.  And good at balancing.  But steering still gives her some troubles.  It requires more attention and coordination than she can quite manage (and to be fair, it is harder to do one-handed).  So she spends a lot of time like this.
And even this.
But she doesn't seem to mind.  It's a good thing she wears a helmet.  And probably a good thing that I am not one of those moms who panics at every little stumble.  Rachel just hops up and drags her bike back on track.
...and again.
She is nothing, if not determined. 
I admire that about her.
It is supposed to be warmer this weekend.  Maybe we'll go wheelin' again.

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