Saturday, January 28, 2012

What a Hoot!

Katherine's "friend" birthday party was today at Aunt Robie's.  It really was a lot of fun! 

Kate and her unusual mix of friends (some from school, a fellow Chinese adoptee, and her old daycare buddy) are all craft lovers, so we had lots of craft time.  We painted boxes and added felt owl sticker on top.
I had hidden these little owls all over the house and sent the girls to find them.  There was lots of giggling as each girl searched for a mama and a baby owl.
Then we played pin-the-beak-on-the-owl.  It was a huge hit!
We even had an oh-so-lovely owl mask!
There were owl cupcakes and ice cream to eat.
And more giggling, of course.
Then we did more crafts - felt owls this time.
The perplexus made an appearance.
And gifts were opened.  They consisted almost entirely of craft kits, which the birthday girl and all her friends are eager to try.  It is almost always cold and snowy on Kate's birthday.  But not this year!  It was nice enough to end the party playing outside.
As she left, one friend commented "I should have had an owl party."  It was a hoot, indeed!

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