Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's been a day of non-stop tattling, whining, and "I'm bored".  And so, it's been a day when two girls spent a lot of time sitting on their beds hypothetically reflecting on their behavior.  To save my sanity, I declared this evening to be Painting Night and dug out some craft kits from Christmas.  It was exactly the right activity.  Thank goodness!

My girls' are SO different.  You can spot their personalities in everything they do, including painting.  Katherine is a perfectionist.
She planned her dolphin's color scheme before she began painting and then planned which part she would paint first and which part last.
She painted oh-so-carefully, taking her time and being as detailed as possible.
She loves doing crafts and loves the final, perfect-as-possible project.

Rachel is a whole different kind of artist.  For starters, we have learned from experience that it is best to paint half naked.  It saves time and shirts.  (Check out the giant goose egg on her forehead, the result of a run-in with a book shelf this evening.)
Rae picked her paint scheme, too.  After all, everything, even an ant, looks better if it is pink.  If there is no pink paint in the house then purple and blue and silver will do.  Oh, and painting is a full-body activity, requiring some gymnastic moves.
Rachel's goal in any art activity is to use as many colors and as much paint as possible.  She could care less about the finished product.  Art is about the doing
Rachel happily described the evening's projects.  "Katie's is pretty.  Mine's not.  It's got a lotta colors, though!"  That pretty much sums it up!
You've gotta love Painting Night.

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