Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sweet Christmas

The girls and I ran through pouring rain (yeah!) to got to a local Gingerbread Festival.  We've attended this the past several years and always have a lot of fun.
  There were all sorts of fabulously decorated gingerbread houses to look at and everyone voted for their favorite.
Then it was time to make our own houses.  We picked up trays of everything we would need, already cut and mixed.  This is the way to make gingerbread!
We "glued" the houses together with icing and started decorating.
Or rather, Katherine started decorating.  Rachel tasted everything and tried to lick as much icing as possible.  Of course.
Can you tell whose house is Kate's and whose is Rachel's?
They both had a great time and were pleased with their creations.  Rachel observed "Katherine's house pretty.  Mine crazy!"  An accurate description, I think.
Apparently, I didn't think Rachel had had enough candy today because this afternoon we made dipped pretzels.
This is the only remotely candy-like that I have ever attempted.  It's quick and easy and the girls LOVE shaking sprinkles on the top.
Tonight we started a new Christmas tradition - putting mini Christmas trees in the girls' rooms.  They were thrilled! 
All of Rachel's ornaments are hanging on two bottom limbs of her tree, but delighted with it.  Both girls fell asleep tonight in the twinkling glow of their trees.  It's starting to feel like Christmas around here!

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