Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Rachel expended so much energy anticipating Christmas yesterday that she wore herself out.  Katherine had to wake her up to open presents this morning!  It has been a busy, family-filled day.

Christmas, Part 1
Santa came and left a letter for Katherine and Rachel.
Santa also left scooters!
The four of us emptied our stockings and opened gifts and I took some awful, blurry pictures.  Then the girls had to go try out their scooters.

Christmas, Part 2
We went to Granny and Poppy's for brunch and then opened more gifts.  Can you tell that Rachel is excited?
Katherine got an interesting doll that comes with information and on-line games about girls in Laos.  Kate has never been much of a doll kid, but she was really interested in learning about real girls in other countries.
Rachel and Granny both got dolls, too.  Rachel's doll has a "little hand", just like hers!  (Thanks, Granny!)
We played some new games (Sneaky Squirrel is quite entertaining!) and had our traditional Christmas dinner - homemade pizza.

Christmas, Part 3
We went to Steve's brother's house for Christmas with the other half of the family.  Katherine, who appreciates all things "old", got DVDs of 9 different Shirley Temple movies. 
Rachel was pleased with a Hello Kitty backpack and pink snow boots, but her last gift was beyond her wildest dreams - 7 princess dolls!
More princesses than she could hold!
The three youngest cousins all received matching jackets and finally agreed to pose in them.
Then it was time for games, more food, and watching The Christmas Story.
We came back home, tired and filled with family (Rachel still clutching her princesses). It was a delightful day!

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