Thursday, November 24, 2011


We went to my uncle's house for the day.  As usual, there were 40-some relatives and enough food for an army.  The adults stood around and chatted and packs of children roamed everywhere.  After an enormous dinner, the kids worked on a turkey craft (thanks Granny!).
And then my cousin saddled up her horses and took the girls for a ride.
It was Rachel's first time on a horse.  She was nervous at first, but then she loved it!
We brought XiaoYue and MengTing with us.  They were excited about seeing horses.  They are city girls and had never been close to an animal that large.  With some coaxing, we convinced them to try riding.  They had so much fun!
Then we explored the old hay barn.  I had not been there since childhood.  My uncle lives on the old dairy farm where my mother grew up.  I have fond memories of playing with calves, watching my grandpa milk cows, and playing in that very same hay barn.  The cows are gone now, but there is still old hay in the barn.  And it is still a great place to play.
I was so glad that my daughters got to experience the hay barn.  Now my memories are part of the next generation.

My Uncle Don has always loved old cars.  He has "fixed up" several of them, quite beautifully and takes them to antique car shows.  He brought them out to show us.  They were amazing. 
It was a wonderful day.  I am thankful for many things, my big, warm, complicated family is one of my greatest blessings.  And the time with them today was perfect.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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