Sunday, November 13, 2011

Red Dresses

My girls always look forward to Sundays, because they get to wear their "fancy" dresses.  Last Sunday, they both picked never-before-worn new dresses.  And, as is often the case, both dresses came from Aunt Robie.  I am continually amazed at the beautiful clothes my sister manages to find, usually at a fraction of their original cost.  And my girls LOVE Aunt Robie dresses!
Rachel's red and white dress (with matching striped tights!) is just too cute.
And so is she.  (But don't tell her!)
(Although I'm pretty sure she knows.)
Katherine's dress was this year's Gotcha Day dress.
I love the classic design.  And the butter-soft corduroy fabric.   I told Katherine that I could have worn a dress like that when I was little.  And so could Granny.  And so could Granny's mother.  She was impressed.  "Old fashioned" is a good thing in her mind.
And she always looks good in red.
And this picture is just for me.  Katherine does not understand why I love to see her with her hair down.  But my 9 year old self is so jealous of her hair...  This is what I wanted my hair to be like.  So I could look like Laura from Little House on the Prairie.  (I thought "old fashioned" was a good thing, too.)  But even when I grew my hair long, it never looked like this.  Katherine has beautiful hair and she still lets me fix it for her, so I'll admire it while I can.

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