Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm 4 on my birthday!

Here is what 4 looks like...
Okay, it's a little cheesy, but poor Rachel hasn't felt well for several days.  She had 3 days of fever and now a bad cold.  It's the second year in a row that she has been sick on her birthday.  (And the second year in a row that she has missed her preschool Thanksgiving feast.)

Rachel started off the day by climbing into bed with me, holding my hand, and saying, "You my friend, Mommy."  I can't think of a better way to start the day!  We spent a quiet day at home.  There were presents to open.
Shiny pink shoes...
...and two new games.

We visited Granny and Poppy, read books, and took a nap (which Rae didn't even protest).  We did make a quick trip to a local drug/gift store, where Rachel announced to everyone that today was her birthday and was rewarded with a sucker from the store ladies and a quarter from a total stranger.  AND she got to ride in a booster seat instead of her strap-em-down carseat.  Rachel picked a Mexican restaurant for dinner and ate mostly chips and cheese dip, as usual. 

Rachel keeps repeating, "Today is my birthday!  I'm 4 now!", as if she can't quite believe it.  Neither can I.  Happy Birthday, Rachel Fu Shen!  You bring us so much joy and laughter.  I am so thankful that you are mine.

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  1. happy birthday, rachel!!!
    four is FABULOUS!!!


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