Sunday, November 27, 2011


The big news in our house is that my sister is getting married.  It IS exciting and I am so happy for her!  The whole situation is long and complicated, but here is a condensed version of the story.
   Robin and Brandon met in college.  They've been friends for 19 years.  I've know Brandon since then, too, and he is a great guy - caring, funny, intelligent, and always willing to be a little silly.  Brandon married one of Robin's childhood friends.  When their three children were born, they asked Robin to be the kids' godmother.  When we first moved to our town, Brandon's family became good friends of our.  But then they moved away.  And Brandon and his wife split up.  And things got really crazy for all of them.  Robin and Brandon had stayed in contact and became close facebook and e-mail friends.  Robin went to visit Brandon this summer and they discovered that there was something more to this relationship.  So they are getting married in June.  And everyone is pretty happy about that.
   Brandon and the kids were at our big family dinner on Thanksgiving.  I hadn't seen the kids in several years, so it was fun to spend a little time with them.  They are such good kids.
Eymber is 13 and a fantastic artist.  She was very patient with Rachel's endless questions.  Eymber loves to draw and it is clear that she carries her heart around in her sketchbook.

Orion will be 12 next month.  I think he wished we'd all just leave him alone.  Which is pretty much what I thought at 12.
Anthem just turned 9.  He was happy to join in the Thanksgiving festivities.  He's a funny, social kid and just makes himself at home wherever he is.
The kids live in the city now, and they were fascinated by the farm.  Especially the hay barn. They laughed and played and swung on the rope, screeching in delight.  It was fun to just watch them and know that they are now a part of my family, not just some friends that I once knew.
My sister is marrying a man who has long been her good friend.  And that is a wonderful way to start a marriage.  She is adding three step-children, but they are kids that she has known and loved all of their lives.  And they have known and loved her.  They will be a unique kind of family, but they will make it all work.  I'm sure of it.
I am thrilled that my sister has found the partner of her life.  And I welcome Brandon and his children with open arms.  The only difficult part is that Brandon lives in Chicago.  My sister will join him as soon as she can find work there.  And Chicago is a long, long way from Kansas.  I have so loved having Robie close...  My heart already aches at the thought of having her so far away.  But that is what she needs to do and I understand.
Our family is growing.  And that is good.


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