Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

We started the Halloween celebrations this evening.
Rachel wanted to be a pink butterfly this year.
The "pink" part was very important.  And she is VERY proud of her wings.
Katherine decided months ago that she wanted to be a colonial girl.  She picked out the fabric for her costume and helped Granny sew it.
I'm pretty sure she'll be the only 2nd grader around in period costume.
But she is perfectly happy with that.
Our church hosted a Trunk or Treat party this evening.  The girls have been SO excited about it - far more so than for the usual Halloween trick-or-treating.  There were lots of cars decorated and people in costume passing out candy.
Granny and Poppy decorated their red Prius to look like a ladybug and Poppy wore a lovely ladybug costume.  (I'm not sure I remember ever seeing my dad in a Halloween costume, so it was pretty exciting!)
There were s'mores and games and a cupcake walk.  The girls liked the old fashioned fishing game and managed to go through more than once.
Then they discovered the face painting.
Rachel was thrilled with hers, and it did add to her whole costume.
The girls ran around and talked to people and ate as much candy as they thought they could get away with.  We stayed until it was almost dark. 
Tomorrow we'll have school parties and trick-or-treating and more candy.  But my little pink butterfly and my colonial girl think that THIS was the best part of the holiday.  And I have to agree.

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