Sunday, September 25, 2011

Student Picnic

We went to a picnic this evening for the international students at our local college and their host families.  The girls were excited, because they knew they would see XiaoYue.  I think she felt the same.
When I was a student at our small college 20 or so years ago, there were never more than a handful of international students.  Now there are dozens and dozens.  The college set up an exchange program in China a few years ago and now there are more than 50 Chinese students on campus.  That's pretty amazing!  I love the cultural exchanges that occur when people of different nations get to know one another.  And I love that there are all these bright, eager Chinese students for my daughters to look up to.
Rachel, as usual, worked the crowd.  And the Chinese students doted on her, passing her from one set of arms to another and laughing at her antics.  She was in her element.
I didn't feel at all bad about carrying around my camera, because every time I turned around I saw this! 
There was a fireplace and a fire pit for making s'mores.  Although the girls have eaten s'mores, I don't think they'd ever made them by themselves.
Many of the Chinese students had never heard or s'mores, or even marshmallows.  They were quite fascinated by it all.
And everyone agreed that the results were yummy.
What a fun way to spend a gorgeous evening!

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