Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Heat Is Gone

A long-awaited cool front moved through last night and turned the weather from 100+ to 70's.  Yeah!!!!!!  I cannot begin to explain how sick we have all been of hot weather.  Today was simply fabulous.  And it is supposed to stay this way all week.

Our little local college has a lot of international students, including many from China.  The college tries to find American host families for them, to help explain American culture, feed them the occasional meal, and give them ties to people other than college students.  We volunteered to be a host family and were matched with XiaoYue from China.  This evening we had a cookout and invited XiaoYue and her roommate MengTing, my Aunt Sharon, and my parents and their Indonesian student Raisa. We had a grand time.  We ate hamburgers and watermelon and then just played in the backyard.

We introduced the Chinese students to our favorite outdoor game - bocce.
They loved it.
Rachel decided that Raisa was her personal entertainment for the evening and Raisa was happy to oblige.
As the evening wore on, things got a bit sillier.
We laughed a lot.  And took lots of pictures.
Rachel took this one - not bad for a 3 year old!
It was a fun evening.  And we are looking forward to spending more time with XiaoYue.
Happy Labor Day!

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