Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Two years ago today we first met Rachel Fu Shen.
We had waited so long for her and were overjoyed to finally hold her.  She was just scared.  And sad.  And really, really mad.
But that only lasted a little while.  Before long she was flashing smiles and checking out her weird new family.
And by that night she had claimed us.  Well, at least me.  I remember being amazed at how strong and brave and funny she was.  And how fiercely I loved her.  Already.  The next day, we woke up to this.  (Steve's dad's favorite picture ever of Rachel, and one of mine, too.)
I knew that Rachel would change us, but it wasn't until that first morning with her that I understood that our lives would never be the same.  Not even close.  Rachel has made our lives busier, and funnier, and far more interesting.  She has made us more outgoing, more willing to take risks, more affectionate.  And she has made us laugh every single day.

Our lives are infinitely richer because of her.  So today, on the anniversary of Gotcha Day, I remember the pain, hers and mine, of leaving one world to join another.  But I also celebrate the joy that shines through the grief.  Rachel is the peice that completes us.  And we love her beyond measure.  Happy Gotcha Day, sweetie!

Poor Rae had dental work done yesterday and is still swollen and sore today.  She was so pleased about Gotcha Day, though I don't know how much she actually understood.  Every year on Gotcha Day the girls get a small gift, a little present that we bought in China to remember our first day together.  This year Rachel got a silk outfit for her baby.  She was pleased.  Aunt Robie sent her a fabulous pink kitty dress and Granny and Poppy gave her a funny little stuffed ladybug. 

This morning Katherine asked me, "Do people who are born here, I mean from their mother's belly?  Do they have a Gotcha Day?"  I said no, just a birthday.  "You mean we get more special days?"  I said yes, adopted kids get more special days.  Kate was quite pleased!  Definitely a plus for adoption in her book!
This evening Rachel, despite the swollen face, felt good enough to go out for dinner with Granny and Poppy.  She picked Braums.  I'm thinking it was just for the ice cream.
Here's to two wonderful years.  May there be a lifetime more to come.

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  1. Amazing how much they change and grow, and how so very much they go through in their short little lives. They are so resilient! Happy gotcha day!


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