Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to Routine

We have survived the hottest summer on record (which has persisted into September) and are now back at work and school and back into life's routine.  It's been a long week.

MONDAY:  Rachel has not been pleased about being at daycare.  She's whined and cried and pouted.  She started out the week by getting in trouble for hitting a classmate.  Steve and I talked to her and asked what happened.  At first, there was no answer.  Then she said, "I peenched Austin.  Inna face." [Makes pinching motions with her fingers.]  When we asked why she replied, "He in my spot!"  Then followed a lecture about the evils of pinching friends and some brainstorming of more appropriate responses.
   Katherine came home from the first day of 2nd grade all excited because she had homework.  There were 3 stories to read before Friday.  Of course, she read them all Monday evening.

TUESDAY:   Rachel announced "No like Miss A____."  [Her daycare teacher.]  I asked why not.  "She mean."  I asked what she did.  "She do mean things."  Like what?  "Miss A____ say 'Lay down!'"  Was this during nap time?  "Uh-huh."  Were you laying down?  "No."  But I tell you to lay down all the time!  "Yeah. Daddy, too."  Hmmm....  I don't think Miss A____ is mean.  I think you need to listen to your teacher.
   We went to Meet the Teacher night at Rachel's preschool.  There are 15 different sessions of preschoolers in the school, but never more than 6 classes are ever there at the same time.  Except on Meet the Teacher night, when they all come.  Total chaos.  Rachel was thrilled.

WEDNESDAY:  Rachel pouts about going to daycare, but does not cry.  This is progress.
   Steve's students are sure that his no-food-no-drink-in-the-classroom policy is a form of torture.  Never mind that it is a functioning chemistry lab, they're positive they'll faint from hunger or thirst in the 90 mintues they spend there.
   The girls hurry home from school so that they can play, well, School. 

THURSDAY:  Rachel skips into daycare and runs over to show Miss A____ her show and tell.  She waves happily when I leave.
   I add up the chores of the first week of teaching preschool:  comfort 5 crying children, gently (but firmly) push 3 mothers out the door, break up a fistfight, mediate 17 disputes over toys, and repeat the classroom rules 8,000 times.  Week 1 is done!
   On the drive home Katherine ponders whether she should get a horse and buggy or horses and a "pioneer wagon" when she grows up.  A lengthy debate about the pros and cons of each followed.

FRIDAY:  I perpetuated my slightly-crazy reputation by finding a newly hatched bull snake at school and carrying him in so all the kindergarteners could touch a snake.  [He was a remarkably docile little snake.]
   We went to see a wonderful local production of Godspell.  At intermission I asked Rachel if she was enjoying the show.  She nodded.  I said, "There's lots of singing and dancing, isn't there?"  Rae replied, "Lots of talking, too."

I'd say we're back in the routine! 

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