Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Schedule

Our town has a fabulous summer rec program - dozens and dozens of short-term classes, most costing about ten bucks.  So summer rec becomes our cheap entertainment every summer.  The first classes began today and lets just say that Mondays and Wednesdays are going to be crazy for a few weeks. Here is the schedule:
8:00 Katherine has soccer
9:00 Katherine has dance (it's in the same place as soccer, so she can get there herself)
10:00 Rachel has ballet
11:35 Both girls have swimming lessons
1:00 Everyone goes down for a prolonged rest time!
Oh, and Katherine has play practice in the evening.

It's really not that bad.  Those mornings are a bit wild, but on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays all we have is swimming and play practice.  And it's only for three weeks.  Then the schedule changes again.

Katherine learned to play soccer at school this year.  For the past three months she has been begging to play on a team.  She has never shown interest in team sports at all, so this was new.  I had to break the news that team soccer, with team shirts and snacks and games every Saturday, only runs during the spring.  (And no, I'm not dissappointed by that.)  In the summer there is just soccer class, where you show up, practice for a while, and then play against your classmates.  Not much different than PE class, but it would do.  Katherine was SO excited about buying soccer socks and shin guards and could not wait for class to start.
About two months ago, Rachel started talking about ballet.  She would twirl around and strike funny poses and claim that this was "ballet".  So, of course, I signed her up for summer rec pre-school ballet.  Granny bought her a dance costume, which she adores.  After asking 300 times over the past week is it was ballet day yet, she finally got to go today.  (And I had to feel for the poor 20 year old facing a room full of 3 year old wanna-be dancers for the first time - it was pretty wild!)
And here is a Rachel ballet pose.

Then it was off to swimming lessons.  Katherine is less fearful this year, so I think she will do well.  Rachel was the terror of the Mommy-and-Me swim class last year, so it will be interesting to see how she does on her own this summer.

And so summer marches on!

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