Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Girls

It was 30 degrees today and after the week we've had, it felt downright balmy!  On the way home from school Katherine begged to play in the snow.  Mom's pretty good at giving in to that request.
The girls bundled up and headed for the yard.  They wanted to sled.  Kate wanted to ride and Rachel was more than happy to pull.  Not very effective, but they didn't care!

Katherine got a little bossy (I know, not her!) so Rachel started a snow fight.  Surprise!

But snow fights are fun.

So is throwing snow at each other.

Rachel had a hard time making snowballs, but we found a solution.  Sand shovels work well for launching snow!
Both girls were covered in snow.  Later, I found snow down their shirts and up their pant legs.

But playing in the snow sure was fun.

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