Monday, February 7, 2011

Pirate Party #2

Katherine had her "friend" birthday party this weekend.  We don't live in the same town where she goes to school, which has impacted birthday parties.  Last year only one little girl came.  So, this year we decided to move the party to Aunt Robie's house, which isn't any farther away for Kate's school friends and allowed us to invite some "China friends".  It was a success!  Katherine had four friends come, so we had five giggly first graders at the Pirate Party and they had a LOT of fun.
The girls started off by painting treasure chests.
Then they went on a treasure hunt.  I'd written clues in pirate talk (like "When me's stinky and needs a scrub, I goes upstairs to me pirate tub") that sent them all over the house.  They all took turns reading the clues and were delighted with their "loot" (junk jewelry and chocolate coins).

Robie made a strawberry cake and we added pirates on top.  Robie really wanted to use the beautiful cake stand that was once our Great Aunt Katherine's, so she did, to celebrate another Katherine.

Actually, hardly anyone touched the cake because there was something way more interesting.  Cocktail swords and grapes - does pirate food get any better?

After the grapes were gone, we went back to crafts.  This time it was coloring pirate masks.  And then hiding behind furniture and jumping out wearing the pirate masks.

After a group photo

and gifts there was a little time to play with pirates.

Then it was time to go.  It was a fun party.  And Katherine was one happy 7 year old.

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