Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me and Lou

As I have written before, Rachel has a lot of speech articulation delays.  She omits some sounds and substitutes other sounds, which can make understanding what she's saying difficult at times.  One of the sounds she can't make is "Y".  So she uses "L" instead.  (This is actually a really weird substitution speech-wise, as most 3 year olds can't say "L".  Leave it to Rae to make things interesting.)  She has always said "less" for "yes", but now she's adding more and more words and sometimes it just sounds funny!
-- Rae dancing around the living room shouting "Lay!  Lay!"  [Yay! Yay!] when she realizes that Dora is on TV.
-- Rachel pretending to be a cowgirl and hollering "Lahoo!" [Yahoo!]
-- Rae naming colors - "red, blue, lellow"
-- When she's excited she says "Oh la-uh!" [Oh yeah!]
-- Rachel asking "Go outside?  Play front lard?"
-- A yak in a picture book really gives her fits - it's a "lat".
-- Rachel has only recently started using pronouns - I, me, you.  They are such confusing words!  Conversations sometimes sound like a Who's on First? routine.  But I love it when Rae snuggles up to me and says "Me and lou, Mama?"  Less, Rae, me and lou.

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  1. Love her pronunciations...too cute! Our Max used to say "lellow" too.


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