Sunday, January 30, 2011

Almost 7 Year Old Pirate

Katherine turns 7 years old tomorrow.  She can't wait!  I told her that the day before I turned 7 I cried and cried because I wasn't done being 6.  6 was still a little kid, but 7 was big and I still wanted to be little.  She thought that was pretty ridiculous!  We had her "family party" this evening.  There were two cousins and a couple of aunts and Granny and Poppy and us.  It was a fun little gathering.
Katherine wanted a pirate party and insisted on wearing her pirate costume.  Last night we made a pirate ship to serve as a decoration.
I looked on the internet for pirate cake ideas and decided that all of the options were way out of my cake baking comfort zone.  So Kate and I decorated her cake with a treasure map and she was pleased.  It made for interesting cake cutting, as everyone requested a different section of the map.

We had present opening time and checked out the gifts - books, puzzles, zhu zhu pet accessories, and other fun stuff.
Granny, Poppy, and Aunt Robie just returned yesterday from two weeks in Hawaii and had fun Hawaiian gifts.  The erupting volcano was a hit with all the kids!

After most of the guests had left, Katherine settled down with her favorite present - a box of Playmobil pirate figures and all their detailed accessories.  There will be many hours of imaginary pirate play in her future. 

It was a good day for my almost 7 year old pirate.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little pirate! I think your cake looks great too!


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