Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School Parties

Since I'm a teacher, I rarely get to attend my own girls' school parties because I'm in the middle of my classroom parties.  This Christmas the schedule worked out so that I had the chance to go to both girls' classroom parties.  What fun!
Katherine's party was yesterday afternoon, just before our school let out for Christmas break.  There were 22 first graders, lots of parents, and half a dozen younger siblings crammed into a too-small classroom.  Let's just say it was barely controlled chaos.  Kate's teacher passed me and whispered "I hate party days".  I can see why...  Katherine, however, thought it was all grand.
Rachel's "Cowboy Christmas" party was this morning.  It was my first chance to visit her classroom and see her in action.  There are 11 three year olds in her class, which should be a handful, but her teacher is terrific and the kids were under control.  Santa visited Rae's school last week, so her teacher decided to make today's celebration part Christmas and part cowboy party.  It was fun!  The kids started off by making "guitars" out of styrofoam trays, paint paddles, and rubber bands. (Rachel was not in the mood to pose, so the pictures aren't great.)

Then the kids paraded around the school playing their guitars and (not) singing Jingle Bells.  After that they made s'mores around the "campfire" (a microwave with tissue paper flames taped on top).  The kids thought it was fabulous, even if there wasn't any real fire!  The Cowboy Snack had a chocolate theme - s'mores, chocolate milk, and hot chocolate.  Rachel was all for chocolate snacks.
Then it was time to open gifts from the teachers.  Rachel and the other little girls received small dolls with tiny pet dogs.  Rae loved hers.

Rachel's doll had tiny shoes, which Rachel insisted on removing.  Then she spent the rest of the class time trying to put them back on.

We all sang Jingle Bells one more time (adding a big cowboy Yee Haw! at the end) and it was time to go.  Although Rachel was tickled that I'd come to school, she wasn't about to go home with me.  She rides the BUS home!  So she rode the bus and I picked her up in front of her daycare provider's house.  It took her a long time to get off the bus because she had to tell everyone goodbye!
I'm pretty much partied out now, but it was fun to share some time with my girls.

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