Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas finally arrived!  The girls were up at 6:00 to see if Santa had come.  And he had!  The only thing Katherine had asked for was a remote control dog, but Santa didn't bring it (because Granny and Poppy did).  Instead he left her a letter written in fancy silver ink explaining why he left other gifts.  Katherine was impressed - and perfectly content with the MP3 player and Mary Poppins movie that Santa brought. 
Santa left Rachel a baby doll and a PINK shopping cart.  She was delighted!
There were other presents too, mostly books and games and puzzles - the things we all like best.  Both girls got new clothes and wore them today.  Rachel's dress had a matching outfit for a doll, but her Christmas baby was too big - her kitty wore it instead.
Then we went to Granny and Poppy's.  It was pretty much like Santa all over again.  Rachel got another baby doll with lots of accessories.  She will have so much fun with it.

After most of the gifts had been opened, Poppy drug out a box for Katherine.  She pulled off a corner of the paper and realized that it was the present she had been wishing for...

A remote control dog!  It is pretty cute.

We had my family's traditional homemade pizza for lunch and then spent the afternoon napping, doing a big puzzle, and playing with all of the toys.  Rachel really liked the kitty piano that Robie gave her.

However, Rachel's very favorite gift of the day was her own pack of pink gum!  Kate, of course, had her dreams come true with the remote control dog.

It was a fun, relaxed day.  The girls were thrilled with their gifts and we all just enjoyed spending time together.  One of the things I have loved about this Christmas is that Katherine made gifts for everyone.  She has worked for weeks.  She painted and colored and put together craft kits.  This is my favorite of her creations (with Granny's help) - puppets of our family for Rachel. Merry Christmas!

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