Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Part 2

We spent a couple of days with Steve's parents and celebrated a second Christmas.  Steve's mom is recovering from knee replacement surgery and thought it would be less stressful if everyone did not come at once.  So, we were the 3rd wave of family to spend some time with them.  Of course, there were more presents to open.  Rachel happily voluteered to "help" Grandma open hers.
Katherine got some zhu zhu pets - she'd been longing for some since Rachel's birthday.

Some of the cousins gave Rachel a backpack with a little tent and sleeping bag inside.  That was a big hit!  Rae even tried to sleep in it, but that only lasted until she was up jumping around in it at 4:30 AM.
Another set of cousins gave both girls new pajamas.  They always love new PJs.  It took me a while to convince Rae that there were not any pants with hers, but then she was so pleased about a "night dress".

We visited Great Grandma, who turned 94 the day after Christmas.  She loves hearing about our girls and just likes to see them play.  Rachel turned on her charm and was a big flirt!

Katherine spent some time building with the Lincoln Logs - relics of Steve's childhood.

Rachel discovered the book cupboard and spent most of her time begging people to read to her.  Grandpa was happy to oblige.

We're glad to be back home now and I am really ready to find a spot for all the new treasures we've acquired.

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