Saturday, October 30, 2010

Girls' Day, Part 2

After the zoo, we did some shopping and then went to a fabulous park.  It had some amazing equipment and the girls LOVED it!  We met Robie for dinner at a Mongolian style grill and then Granny arrived for a "sleep over" at Robie's house.  This morning the girls begged to go back to the park, so we did.
This was Katherine's favorite piece of equipment.  Everything on it wiggled, tilted, or spun and she worked and worked to figure out how to use it.

Spinning around and around.

There was a big round platform swing large enough for both girls!


Robie helped Rachel in the crazy spinning chair.  Rae spun until she couldn't stand and her eyes wouldn't focus.

Then Rachel decided to try it her own way!

This slide was literally hair-raising!

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